"The Long Pigs is a dirty little masterpiece, and it’ll change the way you think about clowning. It might even go some of the way to curing your fears. Get your tickets before this clown car leaves town." Byron Bache, THE HERALD SUN

WE3 are Clare Bartholomew and Nicci Wilks.

WE3WE3 is a new theatrical company founded by Clare Bartholomew, Derek Ives-Plunkett and Nicci Wilks. Clare, Derek and Nicci are some of Australia’s best established and most highly respected circus, theatre and clown performers, who have developed and represented Australia’s internationally excellent circus culture on the world stage in companies including Circus Oz, Rock n Roll Circus and The Business.

Nicci Wilks is highly regarded within the Australian circus community, as a physical performer, a comedienne and a creator of unique, physical characters that frequently challenge notions of gender and class. Her work as an independent performer and with major Australian companies is intelligent, subversive and keenly admired by peer and audience alike.

Clare Bartholomew is one of the foremost contemporary clown performers in Australia. Her award winning work with The Business and Die Roten Punkte has been critically acclaimed locally and internationally. She has a unique take on clown, bouffon, physical theatre and comedy and the character’s she creates are feared and revered equally.

As a founding member of Brisbane’s C!RCA and The Candy Butchers, Derek Ives explored the line between clown and bouffon. His work was profoundly dark and characterised by a mastery of rigging and apparatus.

The role created by Derek Ives-Plunkett is now performed by Mozes.
Mozes is an aerialist and physical comedian. He has worked with Circus Oz and the internationally acclaimed, award winning comany Acrobat on numerous shows, devising work and touring.
Recently Mozes has devised and performed in Cantina and Scotch and Soda.